Is 2024 the year execs see the value in experimentation? 

It depends on you. 

In this Live Session we: 

  • Hear how Shagun Aulakh, Director of Experimentation at American Express, has faced a lack of buy-in across her career and how she has overcome it.
  • Understand how experimentation can solve goals execs care about from André Morys, founder of Growth Marketing Summit and konversionsKRAFT.
  • Why Ruben de Boer of Online Dialogue thinks we should apply the experimenter skillset of customer research vs. sharing our test performance to garner buy-in.

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Speaker 6_Square
Shagun Aulakh
Director of Product Management, Experimentation
Speaker 8_Square
Ruben de Boer
Lead Conversion Manager
Speaker 7_Square
André Morys
CEO & Founder