In the competitive e-commerce landscape, personalized product recommendations stand out as a key differentiator, significantly enhancing user engagement and boosting sales. 

This Stacks event by Kameleoon will focus on how technologies from Twilio Segment and Contentful stack up to empower e-commerce companies to build and refine personalized product recommendations with ease.

In this event, you will…

  • Hear from the platform experts on how their technologies enable personalized product recommendations for e-commerce companies.
  • See the technology UI and learn what makes it unique using real use cases.
  • Understand how each technology integrates to form a best-of-breed tech stack.
  • Learn how and when A/B testing can prove the power of your personalized product recommendations.


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Group 446
Greg Yeutter
Senior Solutions Engineer
Group 17
John Graham
Growth Architect
Group 436 1
Collin Crowell
Vice President, North America
Group 448
Romane Krolak-Salmon
Customer Success Manager