As an experimentation leader, will you do anything differently in 2024? Should you? Why? Join our Think Ahead with Ben Labay, the CEO of Speero, and the Experimentation Awards winners and be sure to walk away with new ideas. 

We will talk about:

  • 5 trends in Experimentation-2024. Yes, AI and Data Warehouses are on the list.
  • The experts’ take on what needs to change for experimentation teams to be even more successful.
  • Kameleoon’s 2024 roadmap to support all teams as they continue to drive better conversions and customer experience.


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Group 440
Ben Labay
Chief Executive Officer
Speaker 15_Fred New (2)
Fred De Todaro
Chief Product Officer
Speaker 11_Olga (2)
Olga Zakharenkava
VP, Product Marketing