As an experimentation leader, product manager, or data scientist, you know that the martech landscape changes at lightning speed. Enter the Modern Data Stack, where all your data will originate from a data warehouse. 

For many, starting with Big Query, the Modern Data Stack is going to change how we look at experimentation. 

In this Think Ahead session, we’re going to share :

  • What benefits the Modern Data Stack offer to web and product experimentation leaders
  • How the Stack works and when you can expect to see changes
  • New Kameleoon features that will power your experimentation today and with the Modern Data Stack tomorrow 
Wenting Wang
Wenting Wang
Senior Director of Data & Analytics - EMEA.
Fred de Torado
Fred De Todaro
Chief Product Officer
Olga Zakharenkava
Olga Zakharenkava
VP, Product Marketing
Justin Früh
Justin Früh
Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence