A masterclass in PLG, this Think Ahead event will feature growth experts Leah Tharin, Franciska Dethlefsen, and Bhavik Patel. 

They'll reveal the secrets to aligning marketing and product teams to drive marketing and product-led growth in your organization.

You will gain valuable insights and practical examples, including: 

  • How to bring together product and marketing teams in cross-functional harmony to optimize the customer journey
  • Why feature flagging and product experimentation are key to sustainable product-led growth
  • Real-life examples of how Amplitude and Kameleoon leveraged their own solutions to become product-led and drive growth 


You'll also get exclusive, early-bird access to a FREE trial of Kameleoon's Feature Experimentation and Management solution

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Speaker 01_Leah Tharin
Leah Tharin
Head of Product & Advisor at Jua.ai
Speaker 02_Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel
Founder & Lead Product Strategist at CAUSL
Franciska Dethlefsen
Franciska Dethlefsen
Head of Growth Marketing at Amplitude