Auchan.fr is the web portal of French retailing group Auchan. It offers thousands of products across 30 categories and counts more than 4,3 million unique monthly visitors.


Whether its visitors are passionnate about interior design, wine or gardening, Auchan.fr wants to create a tailored experience for them through offers adapted to their needs.

As an application of this strategy, Auchan.fr launched a personalization campaign for all visitors interested in childcare, kids, furniture or gardening items. They are offered special discounts through a personalized banner on the homepage. 



The campaign resulted in a 2,5% increase in sales.

Akim Demora

In one month, we managed to create precise customer profiles through data collection and in-depth analysis, all thanks to Kameleoon. It enabled us to create successful personalized experiences relevant to our visitors needs and expectations while increasing our sales by 2,5% in the process.

Akim Demora, Head of E-Commerce Marketing at Auchan Retail

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