Success story

increases conversions by 3% using geo-localization


While weather is a key factor in tire performance, drivers don’t often think about changing their tires according to the seasons.

To change this, online tire seller Allopneus decided to thoroughly analyze visitor behavior and test the relevance of a personalized user experience based on their local weather conditions.


increase in winter tires sales

Too many drivers still think winter tires are only made to drive on snow. That's not true at all. In fact, winter tires perform better in cold weather (under 7°C) compared to normal tires. So, we wanted to raise awareness about this.

Our goal was to create an optimized experience based on visitors' local weather, and offer them the right tires for their climate— all in real-time thanks to Kameleoon. The result was immediate, with a 3% increase in our winter tire sales in February.

Adrien Soulet,
E-marketing Project Manager

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