12 added value Kameleoon features
To power your optimization programs

At Kameleoon we're dedicated to using advanced technology to make experimentation as simple and straightforward as possible.

As part of this our platform includes a wide range of powerful, innovative features that are designed to make your working life easier, letting you focus on creating and running tests and personalizations that benefit the bottom line.

Download this guide to discover some of unique and powerful features in our platform and how they deliver benefits to your experimentation and personalization programs.


  • Enable easier team working
  • Increase experimentation performance
  • Integrate seamlessly with other tools
  • Deepen experimentation and personalization
  • Make reporting simpler
  • Deliver omnichannel campaigns across the customer journey
  • Increase confidence in your results
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Kameleoon's powerful web and full stack experimentation and AI personalization platform is designed to enable product owners and marketers to run effective campaigns that improve the user experience and drive digital results. This guide highlights some of the most powerful and unique features in our platform to help you achieve your optimization aims.

Fred de Todaro,
 Chief Product Officer


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