Success story

Le Figaro
grows subscription numbers by 14.3% by shortening the subscription process


Faced with digital challenges and new content consumption habits, Le Figaro decided to completely revamp its site. It therefore created two different reading experiences for the biggest newspaper website in France – one available by subscription and the other free, open to all.

The objective is convert the maximum number of readers to become subscribers, which relies on continual A/B testing to constantly optimize the experience.


increase in subscriptions

Introducing A/B testing met multiple strategic needs. It helping us achieve business goals, linked to indicators such as churn, while improving the user experience, and allowing us to analyze the conversion funnel and exit points from the site.

We now have an in-depth understanding of user behavior, particularly around the differences between mobile and desktop users.

gilles-corbineau (1)
Gilles Corbineau,
Head of e-Business and Online Subscriptions

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