The experimentation virtuous cycle
How to drive digital results

Companies that embrace experimentation benefit from closer customer engagement, greater innovation and higher revenues. In fact, organizations that create a healthy experimentation culture grow at least 8x faster than global GDP.

Experimentation is now a C-level topic. However, achieving success, particularly over the longer term, can be a challenge. It isn’t a question of simply running disconnected tests on your website and apps - you need a program and a process.

Download our business guide to experimentation to learn how you can start and scale a program that successfully addresses your company goals and objectives.

Illustrated with examples from major brands and leading experts, it outlines the experimentation virtuous cycle - and how you can adopt it successfully in your organization.


  • Why experimentation is now vital

  • Where to start with experimentation

  • What to experiment on

  • Which technical approach to take

  • How to run your tests

  • When to scale experimentation

  • How brands are benefiting from experimentation
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Currently we’re all seeing an enormous acceleration of the shift to digital. To be successful brands have to deliver what consumers want, whatever sector they are in. That means going back to basics and focusing on experimentation to understand and meet these changing market needs.

This creates a virtuous cycle - experimentation drives results that unlock greater resources, enabling programs to scale and brands to thrive.

Jean-René Boidron,
 CEO Kameleoon


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