Can AI help scale the web or feature experimentation programs? The answer is ‘yes’, but you may be wondering exactly ‘how’. Ultimately, is experimentation AI real now?

Kameleoon pioneered AI-powered experimentation in 2016 and continues to lead with the recent launch of our AI Copilot. Join our Think Ahead to hear from Craig Sullivan, the experimentation expert and CEO of Optimise or Die and to learn all about the real AI solutions from Kameleoon!

We talk about:

  • Today’s experimentation AI reality: use cases, trends, challenges, and benefits.
  • Kameleoon AI Copilot: the suite of practical, real tools that will help create, optimize, and analyze your tests.
  • Our AI roadmap that will take Kameleoon’s clients experimentation programs to a new level of velocity, scale, and creativity.
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Fred De Todaro
Chief Product Officer
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Collin Crowell
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Graig Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer
Optimise or Die