Online travel
Delivering an unforgettable experience

Technology has revolutionized the travel industry, transforming how consumers research and book everything from flights and accommodation to restaurants and trips.

How can travel brands successfully deliver the right experience in this digital-first world? How can you differentiate yourself by offering visitors to your site a personalized and efficient digital journey?

This guide provides best practice on how to:

-Create tailor-made experiences for your visitors, whether you are an independent, intermediary or pure player

-Support your digital growth, based on the experiences of brands such as Club Med


  • How technology is transforming the industry
  • The user experience pillars that support success
  • The KPIs to target for travel website optimization
  • Identifying and improving your buyer journeys
  • The lifecycle of the modern traveler
  • How to create the trips of tomorrow
of travelers are looking for a destination online
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Travelers can now compare everything online before they make their buying decision, from their destination, how they get there, where they stay, what they do and how they insure their trip.

Their choices are based on their tastes, the price and the reviews of fellow travelers. This means there are a wide range of elements involved - brands need to optimize the experience of each of them.

Frédéric de Todaro,
Chief Customer Officer


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