Optimize the online shopping experience

Over 20% of retail spending is now online - a figure predicted to grow to 53% by 2028 according to analysts Retail Economics. Yet nearly 97% of website visitors leave without making a purchase.

In a crowded market, ensuring your brand successfully converts browsers into buyers means optimizing the online experience and delivering a personalized offering to all visitors.

This ebook provides best practice advice on providing a tailored experience to consumers on your site, helping you differentiate and increase conversion rates.


  • The pillars of online retail
  • The retail optimization KPIs to focus on
  • How to create personalized customer journeys
  • Adopting a test and learn methodology
of UK consumers prefer to shop online rather than in physical stores
on CTA click & collect

Internet users have changed in their purchasing behavior, content consumption methods, and relationships with brands. 75% of consumers will now leave your site if they don’t like the experience.

Frédéric de Todaro,
 Chief of Customer Officer


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