Maximizing the flow of conversions from the web to dealerships

Digital is playing an increasingly significant part in the car-buying journey. Today, 86% of new car buyers have used digital media during the purchasing process.

Automotive brands must therefore ensure that they have designed and optimized their digital channels to best meet customer needs.

Our new ebook shares advice from our expert consultants to address the automotive sector’s specific conversion optimization and testing challenges.

Download the ebook and find inspiration for your digital strategy by learning from the successes of leading brands such as Renault, Dacia and Toyota.


  • A dynamic, changing market

  • What are visitors looking for on a car brand’s website?

  • How can you optimize the customer experience?

  • A/B testing and personalization: The answer to your digital challenges 
qualified test drive leads for Toyota

Car buyers have high expectations as purchasing a vehicle is a big step. This is an additional challenge for brands, who must project a flawless brand image not just in their dealerships but also on their websites and apps.

Lévan Licheli
 Business Developer, Automotive Expert


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