Fear and confusion over data hinder retail banks' ability to optimize CX
But banks that regularly practice CX optimization grow 3x faster

"Retail banks that regularly practice CX optimization grow 3.2 times faster than competitors that don't."

Kameleoon commissioned Forrester to survey 107 managers and directors responsible for marketing and customer experience (CX) strategy at North American retail banks to understand the value of data, the delivery of optimized CX, and how it is understood within retail banking organizations.

The results were clear: Banks that discover and apply customer insights will differentiate themselves and outgrow their competitors. 

With the growth of online and mobile banking, banks that effectively optimize their experiences by applying data and analytics will acquire more customers. 

Download the free Forrester research report to understand how CX-focused retail banks can stand out by creating differentiated experiences that their competitors do not.


  • The top CX optimization challenges leaders in retail banking face 
  • Three optimization techniques that separate leaders from laggards

  • How banks can utilize low-risk anonymous and pseudonymous data for high rewards
Emmanuel Charmat,
  Customer Success Manager


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