AI Personalization
Adopt a predictive approach to create unique experiences and maximize conversions

In the real world, a shop assistant adapts their approach based on observing and understanding the customer they are talking to.

AI Personalization lets you recreate this tailored approach on your website. It allows you to measure the conversion intent of each of your website visitors in real-time to maximize revenues.

This ebook explains the use cases where AI Personalization delivers greatest benefits and ROI, illustrated with concrete examples from leading brands who have embraced AI Personalization to increase sales and boost margins.


  • The promise of AI
  • Overcoming the data challenge for on-site personalization
  • Why a predictive approach is vital for success
  • Case studies from five leading brands
  • The key stages to AI Personalization
  •  Kameleoon’s algorithms – and how they deliver value
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The notable advantage of this approach to AI is that it allows algorithms to learn without requiring a programmer to teach them.

Using this type of algorithm allows Kameleoon's AI to learn visitor behavior and to calculate their future purchase intent with ever-greater precision.

Sébastien Rebecchi, 
 Machine Learning Engineer


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