According to Gartner, 56% of marketingcover-ia-technique
leaders increased their personalization spend
in 2018. This demonstrates the growing
importance of personalization to successful digital marketing.

AI is at the heart of effectively delivering real-time personalization at scale. But the market is full of AI-based solutions that promise to transform your revenues through predictive personalization.

How do you choose between vendors if you’re not familiar with their technology and how it works? How do you determine what to buy to obtain the best return on investment? How do you go behind the hype and black box approach to reach the truth?

At Kameleoon we combine AI and transparency. Our new whitepaper opens the bonnet of our AI-driven personalization platform to provide technical insights to help you understand how our technology delivers real benefits.

  • An innovative platform built for marketers
  • High-level architectural overview
  • The algorithms
  • An architecture built for volume and real-time performance
  • Scoring and Targeting

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