A/B Testing mistakes
The definitive guide to achieving success

Marketers understand the importance of A/B Testing to optimizing their site and the experience they offer to consumers.

Yet thanks to simple mistakes a staggering number of people get incorrect results from their testing programs, leading to them taking the wrong decisions, ultimately hitting their revenues.

Don’t fall into the most common A/B Testing traps – download our guide to learn how to deliver compelling results from your testing program.


  • 7 basic mistakes that beginners make when A/B Testing
  • Understanding when to stop your tests to deliver accurate results
  • External validity threats – what they are and how to overcome them
  • Analyzing your results correctly to avoid false positives
  • Overcoming the irrational brain – removing cognitive bias from testing
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7 Mistakes Most Beginners Make When A/B Testing

A staggering number of people doing A/B Tests get imaginary results. In this chapter we cover the mistakes most beginners make when they start out. Things like: they don't have an hypothesis for each test, they don't prioritize, they don't have a process …

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