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7 Mistakes Most Beginners Make When A/B Testing

A staggering number of people doing A/B Tests get imaginary results. In this chapter we cover the mistakes most beginners make when they start out. Things like: they don't have an hypothesis for each test, they don't prioritize, they don't have a process …


Are You Stopping Your A/B Tests Too Soon?

One of THE, if not THE most common mistake in A/B Testing. Everyone seems to have stopping rules of their own, so who's right? Here, we help you understand the concepts involved in the decision to stop (or not) an A/B Test, so you can take charge.


Warning! Is The World Sabotaging Your A/B Tests?

Did you know that even if you execute your experiment perfectly you can still get imaginary results? In this part, we dive into what are called external validity threats. Let's hope you haven't been ignoring them.


Are You Misinterpreting Your A/B Tests Results?

Making sure you're interpreting correctly the results of your A/B Tests is just as important as implementing them correctly. There are several ways you could be doing it wrong, like not knowing about false positives, not checking your segments …


Why Your Brain Is Your Worst Enemy When A/B Testing

We humans are beings of emotion, opinion and are mostly irrational. This is usually fine unless you're conducting science experiment—like A/B Testing, where cognitive biases and personal preferences can comprise your whole process.