Hello bank! is an online direct bank owned by BNP Paribas Group. It operates in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria.


Landing pages are a tried and true way to welcome, guide then get visitors to convert. But to maximize lead generation, a landing page must have a crystal clear value proposition that’ll convince your visitors to take action.

In this spirit, Hello bank! wanted to redesign one of its main landing pages by A/B testing several optimization hypotheses. This page is particularly important: it’s the first step in the bank’s account creation process.



Hello bank! saw the number of requests increase by 9,97% but most notably got 22.91% more accounts opened with VARIATION B.

Julien Nouet

On the first landing page in our account creation funnel, we had a lot of traffic but hardly any conversions. So we analyzed users’ behavior to identify friction points and get optimization ideas. Kameleoon and Uptilab helped us create a test with 6 variations which resulted in a 22.91% increase in account creation!

Justine Stevens, Digital Marketing Manager, BNP Paribas

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