Europ Assistance, worldwide insurance group and pioneer in assistance, watches out for more than 300 million people around the world, with solutions adapted to emergency situations as well as every-day life.


To make more users buy insurances online, Europ Assistance wanted to identify means to optimize the pages presenting these four offers, and tested its optimization theories via an A/B test on its “Travel” page.

Pour inciter plus de visiteurs à souscrire à des assurances, les équipes d’Europ Assistance ont choisi de refondre les 4 pages univers du site, en A/B testant leurs hypothèses d’optimisation sur la page univers « voyage », avant de les déployer sur les 3 autres pages univers.



Europ Assistance obtained 250% more clicks on the “Purchase” CTA and a 102.4% increase of clicks on “More Information”.

Julien Nouet

The “Travel” page is www.europ-assistance.fr’s main landing page. We wanted to improve its performance via a complete redesign. The challenge was to improve clarity and efficiency, and to make users enter the conversion funnel more easily. Kameleoon helped us analyze users’ behavior and redesign the page based on this analysis, which led to a 250% increase in clicks on the “Purchase” CTA, the first step towards conversion on our site .

Céline Blain, Head of E-Commerce, Europ Assistance

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