Auchan Drive is part of the Auchan Group and offers users to order online and retrieve their grocery shopping at a drive-through warehouse.


On, articles are added to the cart mainly via listing pages, users rarely open detailed product descriptions. The brand decided to A/B test the illustrations of certain product categories to increase cart value and revenues.



The winning variation generated a 0.69% increase in average cart value and a1.53% increase in visit value.

Julien Nouet

This MVT test made us realize that the subject of product illustrations is far more complex than it seemed. Trends and results varied widely from one sub-division to another, leading to new optimization campaigns which are currently developed. Kameleoon enabled us to check all our assumptions by repeating the test on other high-traffic product categories. We will also use new formats and listing page content, and add other image types and new kinds of product information.

Emeline Dermineur, Web Analyst & Conversion Manager, Auchan Drive

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