Success story

Auchan Drive
increases visit value by 1.53% by redesigning product presentation


On the website of retailer Auchan Drive, 88% of additions to the basket are made from the listing page, with users rarely opening detailed product descriptions. It has therefore set the objective of growing the number of products added to the shopping basket to increase turnover.

Auchan Drive therefore decided to conduct an A / B test on the visuals of certain product categories to measure their impact on shopping cart size and conversion rates.


on the value of visits
increase in average basket value

This MVT test helped us to understand that the topic of product illustrations is far more complex than it seemed.

Trends and results varied widely between sub-categories, leading us to new optimization campaigns. Kameleoon enabled us to check all our hypotheses by repeating the test on other high-traffic product categories.

Moving forward, we will also vary the formats and contents of the listing pages by adding other types of visuals and product information

Emeline Dermineur,
Web Analyst Conversion Manager


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