Auchan.fr is a retail website with thousands of products across more than 30 categories, with a monthly traffic of 4,3 million visitors, and as many unique navigation paths.



Working on visitor segmentation allowed Auchan to show the right messages and offers while taking into account the context of each visit. To accomplish this, Auchan.fr uses Kameleoon and Target2Sell, 2 complementary solutions to deliver its visitors personalized experiences. They allowed their marketing teams to better understand who their visitors were, their interests, buying habits, and adapt their website to their needs.


 60% improvement in conversion rate and 6,9% increase in revenue generated by the product recommendations.

Akim Demora

I’m always impressed with how powerful Kameleoon and Target2Sell solutions are, technically and technologically, even after one year and a half of use. Their complementarity allowed us to achieve great results on our conversion rates.

Akim Demora, E-commerce Marketing Director at Auchan

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