20 ideas for personalization and A/B Tests
Based on real case studies

Discover 20 new ideas to drive success with your A/B Tests and personalization programs. From understanding context to setting the right goals, learn from the examples of leading brands and how they’ve transformed their results with A/B Testing.

Read the experiences of in-house marketing experts as they share best practice on how to improve the user experience and boost conversion rates.


  • Renault transforms its sales funnel
  • Jeweler Histoire d’Or creates a premium product sheet to increase conversion
  •  Broadcaster Canal + learns about its visitors
  •  Rakuten PriceMinister enhances customer loyalty
  •  Yellow Pages improves the user experience for consumers
loan applications for Younited Credit
quotes created for Renault

There are three key advantages of using Kameleoon: the simplicity of implementation, via the placement of a tag on the site; the freedom that the tool offers to the marketing department, as it is capable of performing simple but essential tests in just a few clicks and ease of interfacing with AT Internet-type web analytics solutions.

Thomas Beylot,
 Marketing Director and Co-Founder Younited


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