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Pages Jaunes is the French "Yellow Pages",  a telephone directory of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name, and in which advertising is sold.


The goal of any website is to increase user engagement and to encourage its use. This was particularly true in the case of PagesJaunes, for whom the intrinsic value of each visitor is tightly bound with the number of times visitors view the site’s content, and how long they spend doing so.


4% bounce rate improvement.

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Bruno Guilbot

The high volumes of traffic on PagesJaunes.fr provides us with a broad sphere of operation, where we can work on increasing our visitors’ engagement. Kameleoon’s extensive functionality and flexibility means that we can carry out scenario modeling that would otherwise be extremely complex. We use targeting functions and the predefned pop-ups and messages very intensively.

Bruno Guilbot, Data and Behavioral Marketing Manager at Pages Jaunes